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Fork Attack

So we are sitting there peacefully eating dinner, and Bee decides that she doesn’t want to eat her chicken. No big surprise there. The next thing I know Zee snatches the chicken off her plate, she starts screaming like a banshee and she stabs him in the face with her fork. While everyone sat with their mouths hanging open in shock I jumped up and grabbed the hand Zee was using to cover his face and pulled it away¬† — I was really afraid that she had forked him in the eye — but no, there on his forehead was a nice neat little row of pindrops of blood. A fork mark. This is one girl you really don’t want to cross.

Vacation Recuperation

It has taken this long to recover from my 4th of July vacation.

Sure I had fun.

Chasing the torrid trio.

And the daring duo.

No running water.


Mice under the tent.

Picking stacks of wipes out of the port-a-potty.

Crabby campers.



Hail the size of marbles.

Stomach flu.

27 kids, half of them under 10.

Sisters, cousins, brothers in law.

Old, dusty childhood memories.




Campfire and dutch oven rolls.

How could it not be fun?